Willoughby Community Park Update

Sep. 25, 2016

Dear Members,


I wish to start off by thanking all our volunteers and staff that have put the hours in to organize and coordinate the start of the fall season. Soccer is largely a volunteer driven sport and our success in growing the popularity of the sport within our community is a reflection of everyone’s commitment to creating a fun and safe learning environment for our members.

There has been a lot of hype in recent weeks centered around the arrival of the Vancouver Giants to our community. There has also been chatter and concern that their arrival will negatively impact our access to the turfs that we call home. I wish to clarify this situation so that our members have a better understanding.

I am proud to report that the Township and Langley United have collaborated to develop a plan which would prevent disruptions in turf access for our user group on the high occupancy nights. Beyond these activity heavy nights, additional upgrades for traffic flow have been undertaken to create smoother off loading into the facility on a daily basis.

Traffic improvements for daily flow

-        LUSA and TOL have plotted out a youth drop off zone with a dedicated entrance behind the S2 grass and at the head of the S1 new turf (baseball diamond). This will facilitate quick and seamless player drop off with safe lit access for the players to get onto the property. (absolutely no vehicle parking allowed here)

-        LUSA and TOL will be creating a LUSA Staff and LUSA volunteer exclusive parking lot behind our clubhouse to ensure the coaches have easy access to the grounds to start games and lessons in a timely fashion


Traffic improvements for high activity nights

-        LUSA and TOL have created a parking arrangement at the church directly off 200th street with a lit pathway that will feed directly onto the grounds at the West end of the S1 turf. (turf with baseball)

-        The clubhouse lot and the church lot will be managed through issued parking passes to ensure that we manage getting our members on and off the grounds without infringing on the other associations. (on these nights, patrols will be stationed at the other lots on the grounds to ensure LUSA members only park in the assigned and designated zones)

Over the past two years, our club has been working closely with the Township to better understand the long term planning targets as it relates to sports fields so we can continue to align our programing with available resources and manage the influx of families into our community.

As of today, LUSA represents 3100 members that take to the fields every week to play soccer. If we all work together to acknowledge the other associations’ equal needs for access to these grounds, and work to consolidate our vehicular footprint, we will continue to enjoy this facility.


I respectfully ask all our members to:

-        No longer enter the clubhouse parking lot for the purpose of player drop off, this will be an action reserved for the new S1 drop zone

-        Refrain from parking on any other lot than a) the clubhouse parking lot, or b) the lot by the basketball hoops on normal days. During high activity dates this will be closed off and the church lot will take its place.

High Occupancy dates – (dates when other associations are holding high volume activities) will be listed on our website and our club will work through our age group coordinators to ensure families have the required instructions and passes to get on and off the grounds.


As a user group, we have to appreciate that the Willoughby facility that we have come to call home is also home to a multitude of other associations. We share the grounds with the TWU Spartans, The Giants, The Stealth, the Langley Arts Council, Langley Community Tennis Association, The Langley Thunder - Junior and Intermediate Lacrosse teams, Flip City Gymnastics, Langley Gymnastics Foundation among others groups and organizations.

Seven years ago when the Event Centre was created, the local population hovered around 2500. Our community and the area directly around the event center has exploded with growth since then and today an estimated 28,000 residents reside within the general proximity of the Event Centre.

For this facility to continue to grow and service this wide range of associations and their needs, each user group needs to become accountable for its footprint.

Looking forward to working with everyone across this busy season.


Our Board of directors will be looking to fill a newly developed director at large position. If you are interested in taking a role as director of facilities/parking for our club, please send in a short email to president@luysa.com


Thank you for the long read and your understanding and support.

Marcel Horn

President - Langley United Soccer Association
www.luysa.com | president@luysa.com

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